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Clinical Supervision 

As part of the licensure process, Maryland and Virginia require all Licensed Graduate Professional Counselors and Resident Counselors to receive clinical supervision. I am a board approved clinical supervisor and have received advanced training and the status of "Approved Clinical Supervisor" in Maryland and Virginia. 

What is supervision and how does it work? Supervision is a working relationship between a supervisor and a counselor in which the counselor can share, reflect, and get feedback which will help increase her/his ethical competence and confidence to best serve clients over several sessions. Hence, supervision is the process employed to communicate the counseling experience with the goal of the supervisor facilitating the development of therapeutic competence in the supervisee within each 50 minute session. 


I normally conduct an evaluation during the first session to ensure that the supervision requirements can be met and to identify two to three primary goals that the counselor would like to achieve in order to further grow and develop as a clinician. I have an eclectic approach to psychotherapy, incorporating a psychodynamic framework, mindfulness, ACT and interpersonal styles. My goal as a supervisor is to help each supervisee to develop his or her own counseling style, feel comfortable meeting with a diverse range of clients, identifying their own strengths and areas for improvement and feel comfortable setting boundaries with their clients. My role is to help to teach, guide and support your work as a counselor. 


Please feel free to call or email me with questions or to set up an initial meeting. I look forward to hearing from you! 

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